Using a Content Server with Oracle BPM Human Tasks

31 Jan

This blog is the 2nd in a serie of 3 blogposts. All regarding the different approaches we tested during our project where we had very content rich (a lot of documents) Oracle BPM processes.

  1. Using attachment documents with Oracle BPM Human Tasks
  2. Using a Content Server documents with Oracle BPM Human Tasks
  3. Integration of Oracle BPM and Oracle WCC/UCM (soon)

After succesfully adding documents in the full payload of our Human Task payload (this blogpost) we decided to help our ADF developers and spare them the huge base64 content. :)

So the next step was trying to store the document in Oracle UCM/WCC.
So how did we end up doing that ? Good question, glad you asked.

First we added a Service Call activity in our Oracle BPM project and used the imported default Oracle UCM CheckIn.wsdl.


We use the following Data Association in our Service Call mapping:


We can then change the data association in our Human Task. Instead of the attachment.content in the former blogpost we now use the attachment.uri field to concat the string:

http://SERVERNAME:PORT/cs/idcplg?IdcService=GETFILE&dID=” and the CheckInUniversal callout result which contains a documentID (for an example see this blogpost)


The result is the attachment in your ADF page containing an URL reference to your content server.



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5 responses to “Using a Content Server with Oracle BPM Human Tasks

  1. Nirmani

    01-04-2013 at 07:47

    Hi J@n van Zoggel,

    Congratz on your excellent work….

    If I want to add WCC image as embedded image (not as an attachment) on the bpm/workspace how can i do that??
    What I want is, Once the user open the task, image should be display to the user in a side pane.

    Thank You,


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